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Friday, June 19, 2009

Grand Finale..

Thank you all for visiting our blog, and sharing your comments and opinions. This will be our final blog entry. :( We have all enjoyed sharing our opinions on different topics, and hearing your opinions in return. Each comment to one of our blog posts has given our team feedback on what people really think about Florida A&M University, the media, and the new Multipurpose Teaching Center Gym. Your comments helped us with our individual events, and shaped how we planned them. We understood what you liked and disliked, and we took all of it into consideration when we completed each of our assignments.

Each of our events focused on fictitious social events happening on FAMU's campus. I was directed to plan an event showcasing FAMU's student media. With the comments made to my posts I realized the importance of having people of color in the media. People notice when a commercial, TV station or any other media outlet is missing someone of color. Hearing your opinion helped me to choose who I wanted to speak, make presentations, and guide workshops for my event. Ebony said her blog post comments helped her to see peoples views on the new gym vs. the recreation center. She realized how many people are into blogs now and how important it is to post your blog early to draw people to it. She also learned how essential blogging is to PR. Ajonelle said her blog post comments helped her to see people's perception of FAMU, and the importance of HBCU's. It helped her with her event because she realized bringing people together from an HBCU can help bring the moral and school pride up between alumni, stakeholders, and current students.

This entire blogging experience was a great idea. As PR professionals this is something we must do everyday and maintain to help our businesses prosper. Blogging is essential to PR. It lets us know what issues or concerns people may have with the companys we work for. Technology and media is forever changing and as PR profeesionals we must keep up with them. Thank you for your time and your comments.

Our finalquestion for you is What do you think about the amount and level of PR for FAMU? Do you think the school is being fairly represented in the media, and what do you think the Media Relations department can do to better the image of the school?


  1. I believe FAMU isn't fairly represented in the media it seems as though the media portrays and more negative image of FAMU than a positive image. I feel media relations is improving at FAMU along with other departments. FAMU is definitely on the right track and is doing what it needs to do in order to be able to compete with other universities and show people that inspite of our downfalls we do still serve a putpose. It took months even years to get in the hole were in and its going to take the same amount of time if no longer to ger out, but as long as we continue to show effort we will be just fine.

  2. I think FAMU at least in the local press has very bad PR; I attended both FSU & FAMU so I have seen how things at the majority school don't happen to make the paper while things at FAMU are all over the front page.

    But I also noticed that FAMU has a great reputation outside of the city of Tallahassee or the State of Florida. I went to Mississippi over spring break and while in a book store and older man (Caucasian) saw my FAMU t-shirt and struck up a conversation with me, about how amazing our band is, how great it is that President Ammons is there now. I asked if he had children that went to FAMU and he said no, he just really thinks it’s a great university. So there you have it.

    Great job on the blogs guys.

  3. I do think that FAMU is negatively stereotyped in the news and media but that is not entirely the school's fault. FAMU probably does a good job in letting the media know about the positive things the students and faculty here accomplish. However, the news stations don't care about that. They feed the public what they want to hear,and that is the negative things that fuel their stereotypes. Like I said, it is not entirely the school's fault. Students should take more of an effort in trying to promote the best of their university.

  4. K. S. Rob, Public Relations CoordinatorJune 19, 2009 at 5:22 PM

    The blog is great! It's up to PR folks at FAMU to aggressively put out the good info as much as local and state media try to put the bad.

    Like Megan C. said, FAMU only has a bad rep in state and local media--people every place else can't get enough of us Rattlers!

    Nice job on the blog.

  5. i know the PR department is trying it's best to imporve the image of our school. It almost seems like everytime we do something good, there is someting negative in the news to counteract it. FAMU has a long way to go, but I know one day our University will get the praise it deserves. Throughout this project I have learned the importance of blogging, and researching my target publics. Participating in this blog has helped me to better understand the field of PR, and get a good idea the amount of WORK needed to be in this field. I had a great time learning in this class, and I know my knowledge will continue to grow while being here at FAMU.


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