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Thursday, June 11, 2009

FAMU New Gymnasium vs. FAMU Recreation Center

Florida A&M University is definitely improving inspite of previous setbacks. FAMU has not only secured its accreditation, but they have now built a multi-million dollar gymnasium. The Multipurpose Center Gymnasium sits nearly 10,000 fans and will be home for the Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation and the Men's and Women's basketball programs. The state-of-the-art facility houses classrooms, a dance studio, a computer with 24 work stations, a TV production room, banquet room, indoor track, a swimmex pool and an examination and treatment area just to name a few.

However in Summer 2006, FAMU Recreation Center opened. Its facilities consist of The "Energy Bar" which provides a wide variety of nutritious and refreshing juices, smoothies and wraps to satisfy even the most hearty pre-or post-exercise appetite. Resistance and Cardiovascular Training Areas, which is equipped with 12 TVs and allows you to tune-in to your favorite shows while you get in shape. A Group Exercise Studio, which offers a large and aesthetically pleasing space, which is sure to meet your group fitness needs.FREE One-On-One Personalized Fitness Orientations,FREE Body Composition Testing, FREE Group Exercise Classes, FREE Regularly Scheduled Health, Fitness & Resistance Training Educational Seminars, FREE Wireless Internet Access and Professional Massage Therapy which is a paid service.

My question to you is, do you feel The Multipurpose Center Gymnasium will attract more people than the FAMU Recreation Center ?


  1. FAMU new gymnasium and recreation center both serve a different purpose for the university. Although the new gym offers a indoor track, swimmex pool and a dance studio it still lacks the workout equipment that the recreation center has to offer. I feel these are both needed facilities for the university and both serve its own unique purpose. The facilities do not conflict with one another and will bring much needed attention. They both will attract there targeted audience.

  2. I feel like FAMU could have saved a lot of money by joining the two. The new gymnasium and the recreation center are similar with the exception of the size and extra amenities that the new gymnasium has. I don’t see the need of having both. I feel like both should be in the same building and use the money on other areas that we need at the university.

  3. I think that the new gym will certainly attract a new crowd of people, but I don't believe that it will deter people from using the campus recreation center. They both serve completely different purposes. I go to the recreation center when I was to exercise; I believe I will only be in the new gym when I have "dance" class or if there is an event there.

  4. I'm not very familiar with the recreation center, but what I do know is that whenever something new is introduced to the table, especially if it's nice, then it's going to attract more people than something that they're already used to. Some people hear state of the art this and that and gravitate to it because they want to be one of the first ones to be a part of something. If the gymnasium and the center do serve different purposes then when the newness of the center wears off then everyone will then be attracted to the entity that fits their needs and purposes best.


  5. I do feel as if the Multipurpose Center Gymnasium will attract more people than the FAMU Recreation Center, for one reason because it's new and exciting. Although I was not here when the new weight room opened, I enjoy that facility very much, however, I am DYING to get inside the new multipurpose center. Just hearing about the features and all the anticipation I have built up from hearing about what it would look like, I can’t wait to get inside and see for myself.

  6. I feel that the sports fans, such as myself, would love a new gym and it would be an excellent investment regardless of the price. But for other people who are not athletically inclined and would rather have a fun place on campus to hang out they would definitely enjoy having a recreation center; but when you have a gym that can hold 10,000 fans, house classes, have a swimming pool, and all the other things listed in this story, you have to believe that this was very smart. We can only look at this from our point of view, but we really need to look at this from the Universities view, having a new gymnasium to play in will be a huge recruiting point for basketball and might draw some five star athletes for a change. For the last three years FAMU men's basketball has a record of 46-51 and has failed to make it to the NCAA tournament, athletes would love to play in a brand new stadiums and I believe that this would be a huge recruiting pitch.

  7. I'm glad FAMU is able to offer us both.

    People on this campus need to use the recreation center more. There are a lot of overweight folks on this campus (including me!) who need to get in that recreation center and workout on a regular basis. It makes no sense that the recereation center sits empty so much of the time.

    But we need the gym too. It's a teaching facility and the students in the physcial education and recreation programs are going to learn so much. I think the basketball team will really enjoy the new gym as well. I can't believe we stayed in the old Gaither Gym as long as we did.

    I'd like to know more about Swimmex and the other facilities in the gym. I am wondering if everyone will be allowed to use the facilities int he gym or will it just be limited to the athletes?

  8. I think new gym will bring a different kind of attention. The gym is something new to be proud of, and to hole our graduations. Most people who go to the rec center go to work out. The gym has more space to hold many differnt types of events. I think i will be more frequently visited, and better known than the rec center. Also the new gym is more in the middle of campus as opposed to the rec center which is farther away.


Which FAMU Center are you more likely to use??